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Status of TODO remove obsolete bug-reporting commando

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Status of TODO remove obsolete bug-reporting commando
Date: Sun, 26 May 2019 18:30:56 +0200

I've been looking into the following TODO:

> ** Check for any included packages that define obsolete bug-reporting commands.
> Change them to use report-emacs-bug.
> *** Related functions:
> **** gnus-bug
> **** report-calc-bug
> **** org-submit-bug-report
> **** lm-report-bug
> **** tramp-bug
> **** c-submit-bug-report
> [Do all of them need changing?]

The final question leaves the prospective contributor in some doubt. I
think the first step is to clarify what it is that should be done.

First: Do all of them need changing?  If yes, should we remove that
question in etc/TODO ?  If no, which ones are can we be sure that we
want to keep?  And which ones can we be sure that we want to remove?

I was able to find the following commands that are *not* mentioned in
the TODO:

- artist-submit-bug-report
- ediff-submit-report
- ps-mode-submit-bug-report
- reftex-report-bug
- vera-submit-bug-report
- verilog-submit-bug-report
- vhdl-submit-bug-report
- viper-submit-report        [obsolete package]

Should we also add them to the TODO, or is there a reason that they
have not been included?

Finally, the attached patch contains cleanups of things that already
seems to be removed, for example the `report-calc-bug' command that
has already been removed.


After having written the above message, I found this previous
discussion from 2008:


This made me even more unsure as to what the current status is.
Is this TODO still applicable, and if so to what extent?

Stefan Kangas

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