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Re: Status of TODO remove obsolete bug-reporting commando

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Status of TODO remove obsolete bug-reporting commando
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 08:13:06 -0400
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> I've been looking into the following TODO:


> The final question leaves the prospective contributor in some doubt. I
> think the first step is to clarify what it is that should be done.

I consider it to be the main step ;-)

> First: Do all of them need changing?

That's one half of the question.

> I was able to find the following commands that are *not* mentioned in
> the TODO:

That's the other half.

> - artist-submit-bug-report
> - ediff-submit-report
> - ps-mode-submit-bug-report
> - reftex-report-bug
> - vera-submit-bug-report
> - verilog-submit-bug-report
> - vhdl-submit-bug-report
> - viper-submit-report        [obsolete package]
> Should we also add them to the TODO, or is there a reason that they
> have not been included?

Because we noone had looked into it yet.

As for which ones to keep and which ones to remove, we can start by
removing all those where there is no maintainer any more (i.e. the
maintainer is "us").

For those where it's unclear, we should try and contact the maintainer
to see his opinion.  If you can't get an answer (typically because none
of the email addresses one can find work any more), then we can change
the maintainer to "address@hidden" (but make sure the
non-answering previous maintainer is listed in "Author:", so we don't
lose track of his past role).

> Finally, the attached patch contains cleanups of things that already
> seems to be removed, for example the `report-calc-bug' command that
> has already been removed.

Thanks, looks good, installed,


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