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Re: Ctrl-[ ?

From: Clément Pit-Claudel
Subject: Re: Ctrl-[ ?
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2019 17:01:05 -0400
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On 2019-06-07 15:44, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Cc: address@hidden
>> From: Clément Pit-Claudel <address@hidden>
>> Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2019 11:02:12 -0400
>>>>   (global-set-key (kbd "ESC") #'forward-char)
>>>> …and all that achieved was to break all keybindings starting with meta.
>>> In what buffer?  If there's a local binding, it will shadow the
>>> global one, so to be sure rebind both.
>> I *scratch* (so in emacs-lisp-mode).  It does work in fundamental mode, but 
>> it still breaks meta (M-x is undefined after redefining ESC)
> The original question was about redefining ESC.  How to do that
> without making Meta undefined is a separate issue.  (ESC by default is
> the prefix key of the Meta keymap, so it's a small wonder that
> redefining ESC breaks Meta.  You will have the same effect if you
> redefine C-x: all the C-x sequences will stop working.)

I see, thanks.

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