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Re: Docstring of make-symbolic-link

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Docstring of make-symbolic-link
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 09:41:49 +0200

> I understand that you prefer NEWNAME as well, so I'm in a minority
> here.

Not really. My comment was (or at least, intended to be, but my
English perhaps got in the middle) that I thought that using NEWNAME
was not the result of copy&paste, but a deliberate decision. But I
didn't really express any preference on my own.

> So now you know my views on this, and can make up your mind.

I'm partial to LINKNAME. I find it much more descriptive and to the
point that NEWNAME.

> But
> whatever you do, let's do that on master, as the first pretest of
> Emacs 26.3 is already out, and I'd prefer to release it VSN, if
> possible.

Fixing it to LINKNAME is just adjusting the docstring and one info
file, so it shouldn't be a problem. I thought documentation fixes and
typos are allowed during the pretest? Or do you really prefer even
that change to go to the master?

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