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Re: Lack of tooling slowing down contributions

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Lack of tooling slowing down contributions
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 00:19:31 +0300
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>> This feature is sorely missed: every time I copy text from web browsers
>> to Emacs I have to manually insert additional space at the end of every
>> copied sentence before typing M-q.
> You can't do this automatically, can you?  One of the reasons that the
> double-spaced sentence convention is useful in the first place is that
> it unambiguously differentiates sentence endings from other uses of that
> punctuation character which do *not* indicate the end of a sentence.
> E.g. for example, should not become "E.g.  for example".
> P. G. Wodehouse should not end up as "P.  G.  Wodehouse".
> Prof. Moriarty should not end up as "Prof.  Moriarty"
> When the same punctuation character is used for multiple things, I don't
> imagine there's any way for Emacs to do this accurately, short of natural-
> language parsing (which sounds like a giant can of worms) ?

I believe it's possible to find some simple heuristics (maybe even
just regexp-based) that would cover more than 90% of cases.

And like when a spell-checker finds an unknown word, the user can add it
to the personal dictionary, a new double-spacer command should allow
the user to add exceptions to the personal customization.

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