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auth-source-search regex/fuzzy/partial match

From: Pierre Penninckx
Subject: auth-source-search regex/fuzzy/partial match
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 21:41:06 -0700


I was wondering if some work was done already to allow for
`auth-source-search' to return entries that partially match the given
spec. I didn't find anything on this subject after a some research.

For example, say `(auth-source-search :host "test" :max 10)' finds one match.
I'd like `:host "tes"' or `:host "est"' to find that match too.

If a backend provides something like this, it's by using some custom
code circumventing `auth-source-search'.

I'm thinking the best way to add this would be to enhance the `spec'
argument from `auth-source-search' to take an additional `:regex'

Or would adding a new function make more sense?


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