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FIXME: When the reader is called in the minibuffer.

From: Spenser Truex
Subject: FIXME: When the reader is called in the minibuffer.
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2019 22:05:53 -0700

I was fiddling with the reader when I found this:

    /* FIXME: ?! When is this used !?  */
        return call1 (intern ("read-minibuffer"),
                  build_string ("Lisp expression: "));

This code is called when the reader is called from the minibuffer
*without a stream*, like this:

Eval: (read) RET
Lisp expression: ;; Insert elisp code here

A quick grep shows that "Lisp expression: " only occurs here in the
source code. There is a diff to fix the comment. This is my first
submission so I should be eligible, thank you.

--- lread.c     2019-06-29 21:50:46.506933174 -0700
+++ lread.c     2019-06-29 22:04:16.507921973 -0700
@@ -2209,7 +2209,8 @@
   if (EQ (stream, Qt))
     stream = Qread_char;
   if (EQ (stream, Qread_char))
-    /* FIXME: ?! When is this used !?  */
+    /* This is used when calling (read) from the `eval-expression' minibuffer
+       with no stream. */
     return call1 (intern ("read-minibuffer"),
                  build_string ("Lisp expression: "));
Spenser Truex
San Francisco, USA

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