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ELPA and https from linux

From: Tim Cross
Subject: ELPA and https from linux
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 17:46:16 +1000

Wondering if anyone else has been seeing this. Trying to install packages or do a package-refresh-contents fails for elpa.gnu.org over https. Has been working fine until today and https connections working fine with melap, but not elpa. Chaning to https and all works fine. Is this an issue with the elpa.gnu.org server or a local Linux issue (emacs 26.2 on GNU Linux).  Doing emacs -Q gives the same result. No error or backtrace, just a "bad request" and a message that states cannot download from 'gnu'.  Feels like maybe a server issue rather than an Emacs bug, which is why I'm asking here rather than just logging a bug report. 



Tim Cross

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