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Re: 7 logical-xor implementations in source tree

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: 7 logical-xor implementations in source tree
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 19:15:27 -0400
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> It defines xor using defsubst instead of define-inline, so that it can
> be included in subr.el.

Great, thanks.

> Would defun be preferred instead?

No proeference here.

> It also includes Mattias' equiv suggestion.

Not convinced about this one:
- The name is too much like "equal/eq/eql": we need something much
  more explicit to avoid adding to the already existing confusion.
  I'd go with something like `bool-equal`.
- The fact that it's not a function is a definite downside.
- There's no use for it, currently.  If we can't find any use for it,
  I'm not sure it deserves to be in subr.el.
  Actual/potential uses of it might also help figure out if having it as
  a function would be beneficial/useful and whether the detail about
  which non-nil value is returned is important and whether supporting
  more than 2 args is important.


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