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Re: Patch to vertically center line content when using line-spacing vari

From: Jesse Medeiros
Subject: Re: Patch to vertically center line content when using line-spacing variable
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 09:08:38 -0300

> Hmm, should this be customizable, like 'line-spacing' is? In any case,
> I think the doc string of 'line-spacing' should refer to this new
> variable as well.

Yes, it's supposed to be customizable like line-spacing. Personally I
think center vertically should be the default behaviour, but I created
this new variable so it won't change with default to nil the setup of
other people.

> Also: could this not work as a new type of value for 'line-spacing'
> instead? Something like
> '(both . 5)
> to mean 5 pixels above and below?

I guess it could, but does that make sense? I think one would expect
the line to be centered by default. That's how it works on other

> I donʼt think you implemented this as a frame parameter, which means the
> documentation should go in "@node Line Height" in display.texi, or you
> could implement the frame parameter as well. [1]

My bad. I searched for currencies of line-spacing at the docs and I
though I had found the right place. I'll change this to display.texi.

>     Jesse>    if (extra_line_spacing > 0)
>     Jesse>      {
>     Jesse> -      it->descent += extra_line_spacing;
>     Jesse> +      if (! BVAR (XBUFFER (it->w->contents), 
> line_spacing_vertical_center))
> I think this currently works because Qnil == 0, for now, but you should
> probably use NILP.

Good catch, thanks.

PS: Sorry for the late reply, it's been a busy week.

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