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Re: Install C source code for for debugging help

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Install C source code for for debugging help
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 23:13:15 -0700
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On 9/26/19 10:07 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Why do we need any change at all

We need it because the feature in question is not working on Debian, or on Red Hat, or on any other GNU/Linux distribution that I know of. It's all very well to say that the user can change the source-directory variable to some random location and then download a correct copy of the right version of the Emacs source to that location, but that can be a tricky thing to do correctly when the same home directory is shared by multiple Emacs versions (which is common for me, at least).

There is little justification to require users to do this this tricky extra work for each Emacs version that they use on each platform they run Emacs, when the source code in question could easily be made part of the Emacs distribution itself and when doing so helps promote the free-software goals of the GNU project.

there were no complaints

I filed a bug report, and that is a complaint. The bug in question has been an annoyance for me for some time, as I often run the Emacs distributed as part of Ubuntu and/or Fedora. I finally got around to fixing the bug after noticing a related problem, and I doubt I'm the only one who'd welcome having the bug fixed.

The fix can wait until after Emacs 27 comes out of course. If master is that close to a release, perhaps it's time to create an emacs-27 branch.

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