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Re: BIKESHED: completion faces

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: BIKESHED: completion faces
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2019 18:30:07 -0500
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> Further, none of the other systems AFAIK use a fallback list of completion
> styles. So normally the matching is fuzzy to begin with, and in that case,
> highlighting the matches is moderately useful.
> They won't see a situation with a long list of simple prefix matches where
> the first column is highlighted uniformly.

Indeed, part of the issue is the difference between something like
`basic` and something like `flex`: in `basic` the
completions-common-part is not terribly interesting, whereas in `flex`
it's much more so.

We could use different faces in those two cases, but I feel like it
would be better if we can find a default that works well in both cases.

> I'm more against using bold for the common part. Underline is
> less aggravating.

Hmm... sadly, I find underlying the completions-common-part to be pretty
awful.  So it looks like both bold and underline are out?
Should we look for colors (background? foreground?)?

>>      M-x dovi C-b C-b ?
>> you'll see that `completions-first-difference` is applied to the "c"
>> of the "doc-view..." commands because that's the first character after
>> the position in the candidate that corresponds to the position of
>> point in the pattern.
> I'm having trouble reproducing this. Should I be using icomplete-mode?

No, just `emacs -Q` and then `M-x dovi C-b C-b ?`

> So I get what you're hinting at, in theory, but these cases should indeed be
> rare. And there might be other things we could do about them.

Agreed, I was just pointing out some corner-case behavior.  It's of no
consequence for the current discussion.


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