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Re: [27.0.50] Is package-refresh-contents working?

From: Pankaj Jangid
Subject: Re: [27.0.50] Is package-refresh-contents working?
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 23:18:19 +0530
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Stefan Kangas <address@hidden> writes:
> Pankaj Jangid <address@hidden> writes:
>> Just wanted to check - is the package-refresh-contents working at your
>> end? My instance is not connecting to elpa.
> I'm not seeing any issues on my end.  Did this start happening
> recently?  Is it consistently reproducible?

In the last 15 hours I have tried it several times at home and office
network. The issue is not coming up again.

> Could you please describe in more detail the symptoms you're
> experiencing?  Do you get a backtrace, a timeout or just a hang?  Any
> error message?

Yes. There was error message but I forgot to copy it at that time. It
was connection failure but I don't remember exactly if it was connection
refused or something else.

> Could it be related to the new SSL certificate on ELPA?  I believe it
> has recently changed.

This is possible. But now everything is fine. So I consider this
closed. And sorry for the noise. :-|

Pankaj Jangid

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