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Re: VOTE: Changing completions-common-part face's default

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: VOTE: Changing completions-common-part face's default
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2019 23:57:28 +0200
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>> > That would still mean two diffeerent execution flows.
>> Don't know what you mean exactly. But yes, I guess. When
>> using prefix I am focused on one thing, when using flex I am
>> focused on another thing.  I think that already happens anyway
>> (the internal focus of the user).
>> But I don't use prefix much nowadays, fortunately. The beginning
>> of a name has no special place in my mind.
>> But Juri has given as an example a search box that does
>> exactly this mixing _in the same search results_.
> I haven't really followed all of the messages,
> and I'm not sure what is meant here, by "mixing
> completion styles in the same search results".

Chromium mixes different completion styles in one completion list,
for example: https://www.chromestory.com/2018/05/omnibox-redesign/

It highlights completion matches using bold that works also for blue links
(e.g. "nytimes.com" in the example above).  I'm not sure what completion style
supports listing links in the *Completions* buffer, but using blue for links
and blue for matches will make them indistinguishable from each other
in the *Completions* buffer.

If changing the defaults is so highly sensitive topic, I don't see
what would be wrong with adding a new face inheriting from
completions-first-difference and applying only to flex-like
completion styles.  No change in defaults will maintain the status quo.

Another advantage of adding a new face is that anyone can
customize flex highlighting without affecting the faces
of the prefix completion style.

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