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Re: fido-mode initialization issue; can someone verify?

From: Pankaj Jangid
Subject: Re: fido-mode initialization issue; can someone verify?
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 14:49:42 +0530
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Andrii Kolomoiets <address@hidden> writes:
>> When I start Emacs and press C-x b to switch buffer, the list of open
>> buffers doesn't appear in the mini-buffer area. But when I restart
>> fido-mode by pressing M-x fido-mode <RET> twice and then it starts
>> working. Now it shows list when I press C-x b. I am on macOS 10.15.1.
>> Can someone verify this behaviour?
> Works fine for me in Emacs built with commit
> b6942c0c37a504e00c717c8c74bfa9dcd208c931 on same masOS version.
> 1. emacs -Q --eval '(fido-mode +1)'
> 2. C-x b

Thanks for sharing this. I debugged after getting your email. And found
this in my init.el,

(fido-mode +1)
(icomplete-mode -1)

This was causing the issue. Actually, I keep on checking features so I
put fido, ido, icomplete side-by-side. To enable one of them I +1 it and
set others to -1.

Sorry for the noise.

Pankaj Jangid

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