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Re: Making git as easy as CVS, for handling merge conflicts

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: Making git as easy as CVS, for handling merge conflicts
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 21:34:34 +0300
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martin rudalics wrote: >>> What does Ediff mode do? Does it make three windows side by side? >> >> When Emacs is running on TTY: yes, it does. > > I've never seen an uncustomized 'ediff' make three side by side windows. > > Can you show us a backtrace of that happening? Sure:
* ediff-setup-windows-plain-merge(#<buffer init.el> #<buffer init.el~> #<buffer 
*ediff-merge*> #<buffer *Ediff Control Panel*>)
  ediff-setup-windows-plain(#<buffer init.el> #<buffer init.el~> #<buffer 
*ediff-merge*> #<buffer *Ediff Control Panel*>)
  ediff-setup-windows(#<buffer init.el> #<buffer init.el~> #<buffer 
*ediff-merge*> #<buffer *Ediff Control Panel*>)
  ediff-setup(#<buffer init.el> "/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el" #<buffer init.el~> 
"/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el~" nil nil (ediff-merge-on-startup) ((ediff-job-name 
. ediff-merge-files)) nil)
"/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el~" nil (ediff-merge-on-startup) ediff-merge-files 
  ediff-merge("/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el" "/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el~")
  funcall-interactively(ediff-merge "/home/dag/.emacs.d/init.el" 
But indeed, as it shows, I was mistaken: out of a box it make _four_ windows when running on TTY: 2 revisions, merge + control, though the last is not very noticeable.

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