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Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 50c5d56: --with-cairo is no longer experimental

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 50c5d56: --with-cairo is no longer experimental
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 08:51:25 +0100

>>>>> On Sat, 09 Nov 2019 08:44:56 +0200, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> said:

    >> From: Robert Pluim <address@hidden>
    >> Cc: address@hidden
    >> Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 22:40:52 +0100
    >> The following works for me:

    Eli> LGTM, thanks.  I would just change the name of the new function to
    Eli> something like font_is_ignored, which is slightly more general, and so
    Eli> will still fit if we later modify that function to do something
    Eli> instead of in addition to matching against face-ignored-fonts.  But
    Eli> that's admittedly splitting hair.

Naming is difficult, and Iʼm bad at it. Strictly speaking you could
say it should be 'font_font_is_ignored', since the first 'font_' is
the subsystem prefix, but 'font_is_ignored' works for me.

    Eli> Another thing that I miss in the patch is the actual setting of
    Eli> face-ignored-fonts for GTK builds.  We want to do that by default,
    Eli> yes?

We do, but thatʼs a separate and independent patch (I should probably
put something in PROBLEMS as well).

diff --git i/src/xfaces.c w/src/xfaces.c
index 3806fa90e2..35feca7e4e 100644
--- i/src/xfaces.c
+++ w/src/xfaces.c
@@ -6770,12 +6770,15 @@ syms_of_xfaces (void)
               doc: /* List of ignored fonts.
 Each element is a regular expression that matches names of fonts to
 ignore.  */);
-  /* https://debbugs.gnu.org/30193  */
-  Vface_ignored_fonts = list1 (build_string ("Noto Serif Kannada"));
+#ifdef HAVE_XFT
+  Vface_ignored_fonts = list1 (build_string ("Noto Color Emoji"));
   Vface_ignored_fonts = Qnil;
+  /* https://debbugs.gnu.org/30193  */
+  Vface_ignored_fonts = Fcons (build_string ("Noto Serif Kannada"), 

   DEFVAR_LISP ("face-remapping-alist", Vface_remapping_alist,
               doc: /* Alist of face remappings.

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