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Re: Should `revert-buffer' preserve text-scaling by default?

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Should `revert-buffer' preserve text-scaling by default?
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2019 23:49:45 +0200
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> Before I go down this road, I'd like to know if anyone thinks text-scaling
> is just another minor mode and should be bound together with other modes
> via the existing `preserve-modes' flag to `revert-buffer'.  I think the
> opposite: that is, I think text-scaling should be treated specially, for
> the reasons given above.  I just wanted to check here before writing
> any code.

Recently I encountered a similar problem - I was reading a read-only
file buffer in View mode (with a non-nil 'view-read-only') where
SPC scrolls the page forward.  Then needed to revert the buffer,
but afterwards SPC changed its behavior to self-inserting spaces
because read-only view-mode was disabled after reverting.

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