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Re: Should `revert-buffer' preserve text-scaling by default?

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Should `revert-buffer' preserve text-scaling by default?
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2019 11:19:08 -0600
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On 02 Dec 2019, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Even though Eli unconvinced me of that earlier, it turns out I'm
>> weak-minded enough to have already fallen back into thinking it's a
>> good idea now that you suggest it.  So I'm +1 on what you say, at
>> least until Eli posts again?
>If we use a special value of the argument, not just C-u, I'm okay with
>that (and I think I already said that in this discussion, didn't I?).

I think the first question is what the default behavior of `revert-buffer' 
should be -- after we decide that, we can decide what special prefix arg is 
used to access the non-default behavior.

Stefan proposed that the new default be to *not* reset modes, and that C-u 
could be reassigned to mean "and reset the modes".  Here is what he said:

>Currently, the revert-buffer's C-u is used to choose between "revert
>from file or revert from the auto-save file".  Personally I never use
>that (probably the most obvious reason is that I don't use auto-save
>files at all), so I'd gladly change this C-u to mean "and reset the

To consider Stefan's proposal, we'd have to first decide that `revert-buffer' 
will no longer reset modes by default.  I had thought you were opposed to that 
change, on compatibility grounds.  But maybe you just meant that 
revert-buffer's `preserve-modes' argument should retain its current meaning 
when called non-interactively from Lisp, but that it would be okay for 
interactive `revert-buffer' to stop resetting modes by default?  In other 
words, the default interactive behavior could be changed to be the opposite of 
the default non-interactive behavior.

Was that what you were saying?

Regarding Stefan's proposal: I don't know how often people depend on the 
current C-u behavior of reverting from auto-save file.  But if we're changing 
the interactive default to not reset modes, then I think a special prefix -- 
different from C-u -- to access the old reset-modes behavior would be fine, 
partly because it would be rarely used!  Also, I presume we would have a new 
customizeable variable `revert-buffer-reset-modes' (defaulting to nil) that 
people who have a permanent preference could set.

Best regards,

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