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Re: master e1d24f3 1/2: New fido-mode, emulates ido-mode with icomplete-

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: master e1d24f3 1/2: New fido-mode, emulates ido-mode with icomplete-mode
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:42:02 +0200
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On 09.12.2019 1:59, João Távora wrote:

1. Yes it probably needs those two things (though the current idle delay
seems OK for me).

I think the thing that irks me is that display updates twice (particularly, the mode-line jumps up on the second update): first when only the prompt is shown, and then when the list of completions is added. Indeed, that cannot be solved by a different value of idle delay alone, and otherwise that value is fine.

2. Another thing it needs is to simplify how you display the already
matched candidate.  Sometimes some weird {...} will show up that I can't
interpret.  Again, I just want it to work like ido.

We might need an example here. (Cannot reproduce.)

3. It needs to remember entered directory history, again just like ido
(or at least I remember ido used to do that).

Don't have a good plan how to do this yet.

Doesn't it? Pressing 'M-p' during file-file rotates me through some directories.

4. it needs to be able to C-x f history-fragment M-p M-p ...

Did you mean 'C-h f ...'?

This last one is proving extremely challenging. I want to do it with
reverse isearch, instead of reinvent the wheel, of course.  It seems
within reach because if I do C-x f C-M-r history-fragment C-r C-r I get
what i want.  But of course fido's mission is to do it just like ido.

I might need a step-by-step scenario to understand what's the idea here, and what doesn't work.

But FWIW, it sounds like a capability of Ido that I've never used before.

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