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Re: Sv: Christmas wish: Literate Elisp

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Sv: Christmas wish: Literate Elisp
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 10:00:55 -0500
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Of course, this decision is not up to me, but I'll point out that
I think I don't think we should change the C code to or the
byte-compiler to directly support this new format.

I'd welcome changes that add hooks to make it possible/easier to support
such a format (and other formats like Org-mode), OTOH.


arthur miller [2019-12-20 00:55:29] wrote:

> Here is a little prototype to test my idea with literal Elisp.
> I have patched read-eval loop as stated in previous mail, in lread.c.
> It is probably possible to implement that in Elisp, but I don't have
> enough knowledge of either Emacs internals nor Elisp to do this in some
> short time. It would took me a lot of time to look up all the
> things I would need. Anyway, C code turned to be rather trivial, and also
> completely by-passable if so desired, so I have introduced a user-customizable
> variable 'emacs-lisp-allow-literal-comments', which is by default nil.
> I wasn't sure in which elisp file to introduce this variable, so I have used
> 'simple.el' found in lisp directory of Emacs source distribution. That file
> seems to have some other user customizable variables that affect elisp so I
> thought it might be appropriate place.
> For the byte compiler I have patched bytecomp.el, in rather brutish way, but 
> it
> seems to work. It wasn't very difficult either, but I think I have done it 
> rather
> ugly. Someone might wish to refactor that code. Anyway, it is less then
> twenty lines of code, and it is by default bypassed as well. The variable
> that controls it is also user customizable and found  in same file,
> named 'byte-comp-allow-literal-comments'.
> I have attached also a small trivial elisp file for illustration purpose.
> It is just a test of an idea, and small prototype to show that it might work.
> It needs more thorough testing and can probably be implemented in some better
> way.
> I have tested on GNU/Linux and Windows. Emacs was able to compile it's own
> elisp as well as external packages I use.
> As a note, the change in C is completely backwards compatible. No logical
> change to elisp parser happens when 'emacs-lisp-allow-literal-comments'
> variable is nil.
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> Skickat: den 19 december 2019 02:50
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> Ämne: Re: Christmas wish: Literate Elisp
>> On Dec 19, 2019, at 9:42, chad <address@hidden> wrote:
>> There is a large body of existing software which will be totally unaware of 
>> your changes.
> Although I think the premise of your comment is absolutely valid, I'm not so
> sure about the "*large* body of existing software".
> Jean-Christophe Helary
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