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Re: Submitting patches from magit

From: dick . r . chiang
Subject: Re: Submitting patches from magit
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 13:29:11 -0500
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ÓF> What about putting the changelog entry on the commit message?

Hum, I just read this tribal knowledge
describing an "insider's" approach to changelog entries.

I suppose those who have commit rights find this method none too onerous.

As an "outsider" with a multi-file changeset, I've found wrangling changelog
entries for email submission tedious and highly error-prone.

A recent brouhaha discussing debbugs versus gitlab might also
have critiqued patch-based versus pull-request based development models, and
the efficacy of changelog entries.  It's the kind of thing that has been so
meticulously maintained for so many years that the old guard cannot be
faulted for wanting to preserve forevermore.  New-schoolers might counter with
the sunk-cost fallacy argument, however.

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