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Please add a lossage-limit option for `view-lossage'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Please add a lossage-limit option for `view-lossage'
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2019 12:29:06 -0800 (PST)

This thread from 2006 was never followed up, AFAICT:


The last post in it was this, from RMS:

    >> I won't recommend such a change for before the
    >> release, but that's just me.
    > I don't see an urgent need, but it would be a
    > trivial change.

    I am glad it is so simple.  I'd still rather save
    it for after the release, but at that time, please
    make the change.

The request (and thus the change that RMS asked to be
made) was this:

  Any chance that the number of keystrokes displayed
  by `view-lossage', currently hard-coded at 100,
  could be made a user option?

Since then, the hard-coded limit was upped to 300.
But there still is no user option, is there?  Could
we please add an option for this now?  The code is
in C - it's not simple for a user to change the
value without a Lisp variable for it.

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