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Re: *scratch* buffer documentation

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: Re: *scratch* buffer documentation
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 02:15:16 +0900

> On Dec 27, 2019, at 1:22, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
> I hope you now agree that the information about killing unsaved
> buffers is exactly where it should be.

No, because what is important here is not whether a buffer is killed or not, 
but what are the intrinsic properties of buffers.

What you call "default behavior" and what Óscar calls a corollary of the 
kill-buffer description comes from the nature of buffers and that nature is not 
properly explained. That explanation should come as the second sentence of "19 
Using Multiple Buffers". Or maybe the second paragraph.

I just tried something:

create a buffer, type something, kill Emacs.

Of course, when I restarted Emacs the buffer was gone.

In any other editor I'd either have a warning that I'm going to lose data or 
the data would have been automatically saved and would be restored when I 
restarted the editor.

This behavior is specific to Emacs and its buffers and should be properly 

Of course, now I don't need that documentation any more since it's been 
discussed here for the last few hours. So it's likely that I won't forget it. 
But that's not this kind of information persistence that I'm after.

Jean-Christophe Helary
http://mac4translators.blogspot.com @brandelune

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