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Re: On elisp running native

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: On elisp running native
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2019 17:09:11 +0300
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On 30.12.2019 10:17, arthur miller wrote:
I haven't yet installed WSL, nor do I have any plans. I don't see why should I install entire Linux kernel if I can run applications natively. I don't understand why people are so excited about wsl when they could just run Linux kernel on bare metal? I do it 99% of time myself and I don't miss Windows at slightest.

So do I. We are not the target audience, are we?

Mingw and/or Cygwin do just fine for the apps that does not have native win ports already, but most worth-have apps are already written in portable way. Running entire wm and another kernel just to run an app is an overkill on resources in my eyes.

How big is a kernel? 5 MB? 50? It's tiny compared to the amounts of RAM we have these days.

We either pile on abstractions, or multiply different versions of code designed to do the same thing.

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