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Re: Extend gdb to filter registers

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: Extend gdb to filter registers
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 10:56:10 -0500

> On Jan 26, 2020, at 11:57 AM, martin rudalics <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I has a second look at the docstring of `display-buffer`, yes
> > `display-buffer-alist` overrides supplied ACTION argument. Then the
> > user is always able to override our display buffer customizations.
> Right.  An application can always re-override the user by using
> 'display-buffer-overriding-action' but that should be a last remedy
> only.
> > Maybe we could provide a customization to make gdb function windows
> > (breakpoint, io, thread, etc) un-splittable?
> I think we should do two things.
> (1) Provide a simple interface for users who don't need the function
> windows.  The aim here is to avoid that new windows pop up wildly
> whenever hitting a new breakpoint or during stepping.

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but AFAICT setting gdb-many-windows to 
nil (default value) and our new variable `gdb-max-source-window-count` to 1 
(default value) should achieve that. You need to set `gdb-show-main` to t (not 
default) to show source file tho.

> (2) Provide a more sophisticated window layout showing all sorts of
> function windows using side windows.  In particular, more "flat" windows
> like the breakpoint, locals, stack frames and maybe the io window should
> appear at the bottom and top of the frame.  The gud window would appear
> on the left or right (the io window could then go to the opposite side).
> The center of the frame would be reserved for the source window or
> whatever the user wants to show there.  This way, 'display-buffer'
> reaardless of whether it's called by gdb or anyone else would never
> mangle those function windows - neither split nor delete or reuse them
> arbitrarily - unless the user explicitly wants to do that.

Currently gdb-many-windows gives a similar arrangement. And in my other patch 
the user can customize his layout and save it to a file, and later restore from 
it. So they have a lot of freedom in this aspect. Side windows are a bit more 
limiting. And if we add non-split property to function windows(breakpoint, io, 
etc), we can make sure all new source windows are created around the old source 
windows (instead of splitting function windows everywhere). That should work 

Btw, I have collected a few patches and they all resides in individual 
branches, and it’s getting a bit confusing, especially when some of the patches 
are several months old. Any tricks/advice on working with a bunch of 

BBtw, Could someone have a look at the old patches that I sent to bug tracker?


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