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Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 16:44:07 +0100

> Considering scaling was only a problem for GTK, that doesn't sound
> like success. Anyway, resizing normal undecorated frames in GTK seems
> to work just as well now. Resizing child frame (with scaling on) is
> still broken (but looks a bit different, no jumping around, at least).

Presumably resizing child frames is still broken with scaling off too.

> With GTK build frame resizing also doesn't honor non-pixelwise
> resizing. When frame-resize-pixelwise is nil, resizing routinely eats
> into internal borders (right and bottom ones).

Right.  I'll attach a patch that fixes it.  Maybe we'll have to
investigate the size hints issue next.  The whole emacsgtkfixed.c stuff
(which I do not understand) troubles me considerably.  Could you try
building with GTK 2?

>>  > - tumashu's child frame moving test scenario is still slow.
>>  >
>>  > E.g.
>>  >
>>  >    (benchmark 1 `(set-frame-position ,test-frame 50 50))
>>  >    => 0.5s
>> Nothing changed in this regard.  But here
>> (benchmark 1 `(x-set-frame-size-and-position ,test-frame nil nil 50 50))
>> => 0.100523s
> Seems like a possible improvement, but still much slower than 
set-frame-position with the GTK build.

Neither of these benchmarks seems meaningful in the first place.  What
would it measure?  Maybe tumashu can check with a version that uses
'x-set-frame-size-and-position' whether it's still too slow on non-GTK


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