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Questions about developing Emacs

From: Federico Tedin
Subject: Questions about developing Emacs
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 18:40:18 +0100

Hi all,

Over the past year and a half (~) I've started using Emacs, and at the
same time have been trying to improve it by fixing and/or adding stuff
from the bug tracker. I've managed to reach a workflow that more or
less works for me, but I think there's still a lot of room for
improvement. So here's a couple of questions that I have for anyone
interested in providing some advice:

- Will replies to older bugs (say, 1 or 2 years old) still get noticed
by the maintainers? I'm not sure how the visibility for this works. I
usually tend to look for bugs without any replies (that I believe I
can fix), but sometimes no recent ones are available, so I have to
look further back.
- Is there any way to find bugs that will involve more C coding? I'm
interested in improving that set of skills, but most bugs/additions
seem to require much more Elisp coding.
- What's the best way of moving from fixing small things, onto
adding/modifying larger parts of how Emacs works? I imagine that this
greatly depends on the amount of time spent working on the project.

Thanks in advance for any answers or comments.
- Fede

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