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Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 18:53:54 +0100

>> So you could make the initial child frame 10000 pixel wide and high and
>> resizing would never fail?
> Seems like it.
> But set-frame-size still does nothing, so I wouldn't know how to take 
advantage of this discovery programmatically.

Via 'x-set-frame-size-and-position' IIUC.  But elsewhere you say it's

>> Which ones did you drop - all?  The ones in the gdk_window_move_resize
>> call should remain, only the ones from the XMoveResizeWindow call should
>> be dropped.
> Only the ones from the XMoveResizeWindow call.

That was the idea.

>> I meanwhile installed mutter here.  Debian apparently doesn't resolve
>> the dependencies well so I had to manually install some additional
>> gnomish features.  The whole thing still looks incomplete though.
> Sounds like trying a Live CD might work better for you. That leaves the 
question of how to get an Emacs build on there, though.

I installed a newer Debian from a Live CD a few days ago on another
machine but still with an xfce setup.  There I installed a newer version
of mutter and after installing a thing called pipewire things works more
or less.

>> Window manager warning: Window 0x4a0003d (Terminal) sets an MWM hint 
indicating it isn't resizable, but sets min size 1 x 1 and max size 2147483647 x 
2147483647; this doesn't make much sense.
>> but I'm not even sure whether these resulted from an Emacs frame - the
>> max size values are not ours AFAICT.  Also we set MWM hints only from
>> within non-GTK builds, maybe I've been running one of them.
> Sounds like it's talking about the "Terminal" app?

Unlikely.  It rather belongs to those mutter jokes whenever it finds
"another cracksmoker" (you can find these in their window-props.c).

> Will do! Although it sounds like you probably have all the same information 

Not really, yet.


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