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RE: Can't M-x compile-defun `edebug' because dynamic variables are false

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Can't M-x compile-defun `edebug' because dynamic variables are falsely taken as lexical.
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 17:13:12 -0800 (PST)

> > Sorry, but I really don't understand what is meant
> > by what you wrote.  I also don't understand the
> > implication, "since this is a function".
> >               ^^^^^
> A function cannot access the lexical scope of its caller, so a function
> cannot know if variable FOO is special in the caller's scope.

Right. (See my other reply, for how CL would
say that: it can't know whether the symbol
FOO refers to the special var FOO or a lexical
var FOO.)

I think it would be clearer to just say that
`special-variable-p' can't know whether its
arg refers to a special variable.

But I think that brings us back to what Alan
said: it's apparently useless, since that's
what it claims to do (even by just its name).

To which you replied that the function is
"mostly internal" (which is mostly vague).

So far, it sounds to me like this function
(1) should have an "internal"-advertising
name, (double hyphens) if any function should,
and (2) it shouldn't even be mentioned in the
manual.  Any mention of it seems like an
invitation to use it and be confused in its

Or if it should be mentioned, it's not yet
clear to me what its semi-internal use case
is, and why that should be communicated to
users in the manual.  What will they (users)
do with it?

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