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Re: emacs-tree-sitter and Emacs

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: emacs-tree-sitter and Emacs
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 16:30:55 -0800
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> I see, so in your opinion having a central engine won't be a bad
>> architecture design for Emacs despite major modes having their own engine.
> On the contrary: moving indentation to tree-sitter would be of great
> benefit.

Tree-sitter is just one way to implement a parser. Implementing
indentation as part of a tree-sitter Emacs package would be missing the
chance to use other parsers.

wisi provides indentation, navigation, and font-lock, with the
infrastructure to allow any parser; it should be straight-forward to use
tree-sitter as a wisi parse backend.

-- Stephe

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