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RE: Request for pointers and advice: displaying several buffers inside a

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Request for pointers and advice: displaying several buffers inside a single window
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2020 22:09:28 -0700 (PDT)

>   > If you load that library then you can use
>   > these keys on prefix key C-x n M-=:
>   >
>   > v - isearchp-toggle-anti-zones-invisible
>   > V - isearchp-toggle-zones-invisible
>   > ~ - isearchp-toggle-complementing-domain
>   > d - isearchp-toggle-dimming-outside-search-area
> Can anyone come up with a simpler interface for this?
> One that reduces the amount that a user needs to memorize
> before using the feature?

You don't need to memorize anything.  And certainly
not in order to be able to use the feature.  The
predefined keys are just for convenience.

And you can bind any of the commands to whatever
keys you like.

By default, the zone commands are on prefix key
`C-x n', which Emacs uses for narrowing commands
(Emacs binds it to keymap `narrow-map').

(If you use isearch-prop.el or highlight.el then
zones.el adds additional zone commands to the same

I chose that keymap and prefix key for zones mainly
because zones.el optionally advises the standard
narrowing commands (`narrow-region' etc.), so they 
automatically add a narrowing (restriction) as a
zone.  (You can then cycle among restrictions etc.)

But you can use any other keymap or prefix key.

I decided to put all of the toggle commands for use
with zones on keymap `zz-toggles-map'.  And I put
that map on prefix key `M-=' in `narrow-map'.  But
you can use a different prefix key for that map, or
ignore it.

If you do want to use the predefined bindings, and
you don't remember some, using either `C-x n C-h' or
`C-h M-k narrow-map' (`describe-keymap') tells you:


Keymap for narrowing commands.

key             binding
---             -------

C-d             zz-delete-zone
C-r             isearchp-zones-backward
C-s             isearchp-zones-forward
ESC             Prefix Command
#               zz-select-zone-by-id-and-text
A               zz-add-zone-and-unite
C               zz-clone-and-unite-zones
D               isearchp-remove-dimming
H               hlt-highlight-regions-in-buffers
L               zz-set-zones-from-highlighting
P               isearchp-put-prop-on-zones
R               zz-set-zones-matching-regexp
a               zz-add-zone
c               zz-clone-zones
d               narrow-to-defun
h               hlt-highlight-regions
l               zz-add-zones-from-highlighting
n               narrow-to-region
p               narrow-to-page
r               zz-add-zones-matching-regexp
s               zz-select-zone-repeat
u               zz-unite-zones
v               zz-set-izones-var
w               widen
x               zz-narrow-repeat

C-M-r           isearchp-zones-backward-regexp
C-M-s           isearchp-zones-forward-regexp
M-%             zz-query-replace-zones
M-=             zz-toggles-map
C-M-%           zz-query-replace-regexp-zones

M-= V           isearchp-toggle-zones-invisible
M-= d           isearchp-toggle-dimming-outside-search-area
M-= v           isearchp-toggle-anti-zones-invisible
M-= ~           isearchp-toggle-complementing-domain

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