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Re: "Why is emacs so square?"

From: Bob Newell
Subject: Re: "Why is emacs so square?"
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 12:11:55 -1000

> The other option, of course, is to look both modern and unique, but it's
> a harder proposition, especially without a graphical designer on the
> team. And this stuff gets outdated quickly.

That's the problem. What's hip today is passé tomorrow. The "modern"
look of Windows 3.1 is considered ancient and dated today. But do
today's GUIs offer more (or perhaps less!) user value?

In my initial attempt to be sarcastic, I unfortunately took too
extreme a position. so I'll say now that there is nothing wrong with
an Emacs GUI that provides true user value, and if it looks nice,
that's a plus. (But I too go to the extreme of pure text, no frills,
touchpad disabled, etc. ... it's what works for me.)

However I would (humbly this time) suggest that whatever is done in
terms of appearance not interfere with the things that make Emacs the
tool that it is.

Bob Newell
Honolulu, Hawai`i

Via Linux/Emacs/Gnus/BBDB.

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