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Re: Do users need to set `mml-secure-signer-names' (etc) now?

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Do users need to set `mml-secure-signer-names' (etc) now?
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 13:08:11 -0500
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On 28 Apr 2020, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> From: Karl Fogel <address@hidden>
>> Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 10:59:18 -0500
>> For a while now, sending GPG-signed emails from message mode (just signed, 
>> not encrypted) has been failing for me with an error from 
>> `mml-secure-epg-sign':
>>   "Couldn't find any signer names."
>> This is a regression -- in the past, message mode would correctly figure out 
>> the signer identity from the message's sender.
>Isn't this bug#40118?

Thank you, Eli!  I didn't think to search in the tracker this time around; I 
should have.

The conversation there is what I should track, so I'll start doing so now.

Best regards,

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