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Re: [ELPA] New package: transient

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: Re: [ELPA] New package: transient
Date: Sat, 2 May 2020 13:52:09 +0200

> I think we are mixing two concepts here. To search for a single function, where you already know the
> keywords, yes "C-h d" works. To get a curated list of the API of a topic, not so much.

That's why I proposed to have a variant of "C-h d" that would only
look in the arguments and in the first line of the doc string.  It
would produce less false positives.

Ok but that means it does not exist now, so that's why I say "C-h d" does not work for me for all use cases right now. But ok we agree.

> Because alist is controversial let's take "C-h d regexp match": it does not give me string-match nor
> match-string.

??? It does here.

It's listed at the 1293th lines! I have to scroll for ages, while passing by `magic-mode-regexp-match-limit` or `char-fold-to-regexp`. Surely this cannot be a good solution.


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