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Re: Imports / inclusion of s.el into Emacs

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Imports / inclusion of s.el into Emacs
Date: Sun, 3 May 2020 00:19:17 +0300
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On 03.05.2020 00:05, Stefan Monnier wrote:
BTW, speaking solely of concat, the return value is always a string.

And there's a good to make that in 99% of the cases, the arguments are
strings as well.  Its main use is to concatenate strings.


So a 'string-' prefix can make sense from that perspective anyway.

Agreed.  But I'm not sure it's a strong enough case to justify
renaming it.  At least not in the current context.  Maybe some years in
the future when most of the other string manipulation functions have
been brought into the `string-` prefix and people got used to expect all
string manipulations to appear there, the case for renaming `concat`
will be stronger.

Note I didn't say 'rename', but only to create an alias. And 'some years in the future' we could delete the original (though more likely 1-2 decades in the future). I'm not saying we have to do this, but I do think it makes sense.

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