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Re: Renaming some functions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Renaming some functions
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 22:59:39 -0400
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>> Here's my first concrete renaming proposition:
>>     multibyte-string-p  =>  string-multibyte-p
>> Any objection?
> We are not renaming anything, we are discussing aliases that could
> make discoverability easier.

Yes, and a general discussion is pointless (because I'm not interested
in a general renaming.  Only in a few specific ones).  Hence this specific
proposition which should be considered in isolation.

The purpose is not to make discoverability easier.  It's to make the
namespace more regular (which then brings various potential benefits such
as easier discoverability, better code completion, ...).

This function is used 51 times in Emacs's own source code, and once in
GNU ELPA, so changing it has a fairly low impact.  The only reason
I care about it is because I happen to use it fairly often in `M-:` and
after getting confused between the two names enough times, I added an
alias for myself and now I think it's time we admit that the original
name was simply an error.


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