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RE: Imports / inclusion of s.el into Emacs

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Imports / inclusion of s.el into Emacs
Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 08:03:56 -0700 (PDT)

> > I suggested that any proposed name changes
> > (including aliases) be submitted (and tracked)
> > as bug/enhancement requests.
> >
> > And I'm not aware that anything has been rejected.
> > If you submit them as a bug report (or bug reports,
> > if they're not very related) then it will be clear
> > if the bug gets fixed, stalls, or is closed as
> > won't fix.
> Well I thought I did a concrete proposal on `string-` and I'm thinking
> that if I made the same proposal throught the bug tracker I'd get the
> same answers.
> Anyway, I'll try if you tell me that's how I'd do it. I'm a bit
> reluctant because I hoped that we'd do this all together here and
> reach some form of consensus with rough guidelines like "yes I think
> for A, B, & C it makes sense, for D & E not so much" and thus the real
> concrete proposal would already be pretty accurate.
> I'll make a bug report anyway and we'll see how it goes. Should it be
> already patches or just a message with "new aliases / new api"
> sections like I did a few emails above in that thread?

I can't speak for anyone but myself.  Others will
perhaps offer other suggestions.

I'd suggest filing an enhancement request (M-x
report-emacs-bug) for some specific renamings or
aliases, providing brief reasons.

If you think it will help, you can reference, or
quote from, specific messages in this list (at 

But maybe wait a bit, to see first if you get
other suggestions, including any that might
disagree.  Eli, in particular, may have a
preference about handling this.

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