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[PATCH] Make RET and C-j obey `electric-indent-mode' in org-mode (was: R

From: Kévin Le Gouguec
Subject: [PATCH] Make RET and C-j obey `electric-indent-mode' in org-mode (was: Reconciling org-mode idiosyncrasies with Emacs core)
Date: Wed, 06 May 2020 16:54:35 +0200
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Hello folks,

Here's a complete patch to make RET and C-j honor electric-indent-mode
in org-mode, targeting Org's master branch.

Attachment: 0001-Make-RET-and-C-j-obey-electric-indent-mode.patch
Description: Text Data

To summarize (see also the patch's changelog message, and the ORG-NEWS
entries which explain how to restore the current behaviour):

- `org-return' (bound to RET) gains new arguments, and an interactive
  spec matching `newline'.

- In situations where `org-return' must insert a newline,

    - if the INDENT argument is non-nil, `newline-and-indent' is called
      unconditionally, as before,

    - otherwise, `newline' is called with ARG and INTERACTIVE; if
      electric-indent-mode is on and INTERACTIVE is non-nil, this will
      trigger indentation.

- `org-return-indent', the previous binding for C-j, is deprecated.

- C-j is now bound to `org-return-and-maybe-indent', which calls
  (org-return t) when electric-indent-mode is disabled, and
  (org-return nil) otherwise.

- In addition to the new unit tests, there is a new test helper to
  temporarily set or unset a minor mode.

Let me know if I messed up something, or if there are things to tweak
here and there.  org-test-with-minor-mode might be overkill (and I am
not used to writing macros, let alone edebug specs, so I might have
goofed somewhere), but it does make the tests easier to read & write,
so… 🤷

(I'm surprised such a macro does not already exist; did I miss it?)

Thank you for your time.

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