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Re: Drop the Copyright Assignment requirement for Emacs

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Drop the Copyright Assignment requirement for Emacs
Date: Sat, 9 May 2020 18:41:00 +0300
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On 09.05.2020 18:25, João Távora wrote:
It's not for discoverability.  It's, among other reasons, so that major modes
can adding to Eglot's hooks, for example.

I'm not sure for what purposes, but hooks are flexible enough for this to be possible today already (without Eglot in the core).

More generally, I oppose collecting more and more code inside Emacs. Lots of features can live just as well as packages.

Or that someday font-locking and
or indentation can be done via the LSP server.

That's the goal of TreeSitter, isn't it? Or are there some new additions to the LSP protocol I haven't heard about?

I think Eli has indicated
that LSP support in the core is desirable at some point, and this would
be a step in that direction, I think.

We should support LSP, and have an easy way for the users to take advantage of the support. That's clear.

But even the usual argument to have stuff in the core ("what if I don't have Internet?") doesn't work for Eglot, considering it needs to download external programs anyway (or have the user download them).

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