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Re: PL support

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: PL support
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 01:35:25 -0400

   You can mark a package whether it will be able to move into core or
   not.  Having a package on ELPA is not as good as having it in the
   core (for example Magit), but it's much better than having the user
   to force them to use MELPA as soon as they start using Emacs.

Nobody can foresee the future, so what might be included or not is far
to early to see.  It would also be unfair to those who contribute a
package to ELPA from the start tell them that they are not welcome to
include their package in Emacs -- which is the situation that will
occur if one ignores collection of copyright assignments.

   > If there were ever some package we want to refer people to but
   > certainly would never want to move it into the core, this issue
   > would not arise.
   > But how could we be sure of that?

   For one example, no one would want s.el, dash.el, f.el directly
   into the core.

Several people have already suggested features that are provided by
s.el, dash.el that could be a welcome addition to Emacs.  By skipping
copyright assignments from the onset, one cannot take the existing
code that is part of the Emacs project and include it in Emacs proper.

That would be a terrible loss.

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