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Splitting GNU ELPA

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Splitting GNU ELPA
Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 23:55:57 -0400

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  > Basically, I believe that if ELPA is just a distribution site, putting
  > a package there sends a message that we aren't interested in a package
  > and are indifferent to its contents, coding standards, etc.  In
  > practice this means that there's nothing to allow us to recommend
  > those packages over those from other archives,

That is true, but we have no reason to compare one archive with
another archive.  We don't want to disparage MELPA, just avoid
referring people to it.  So we have no wish to compare anything with

We would refer people to the no-assignments Exo-ELPA in the sense of
telling people "It is there", but that is all we would do.  We don't
wish to say to people "It is good", only "we don't morally object to

                                                   except that we checked
  > the license and made sure it doesn't use non-free software (and even
  > the latter will probably become with time a superficial check that
  > will not reveal enough).

We should take care not to let that happen, and invite people to report
that sort of problem to us.

Dr Richard Stallman
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