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Re: Just a thought about comment-line

Subject: Re: Just a thought about comment-line
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 07:29:38 +0200

And BTW, my code looks like:

(defun my-comment-line-region (beg end)
  "Comment all complete lines in a region using comment-line
if the region does not start at a beginning of line, expand it"
  (interactive "r")
   (narrow-to-region (get-bol beg) end)
   (push-mark (point-min))
   (goto-char (point-max))
   (call-interactively 'comment-line)

It seems that narrowing helps avoiding that last comment. Don't know how much of an overkill this might be, but
it works for me(tm)

Best PA

El lun., 1 jun. 2020 a las 7:18, PEDRO ANDRES ARANDA GUTIERREZ (<paranda@it.uc3m.es>) escribió:

thanks for all the answers so far. It's nice to see people getting passionate about this.
I too had my code to deal with (bol-p end-of-region) and I'm passing it on to people,
but I started writing a short introduction for students who get interested in Emacs by
seeing how I use it and well, it'd be so much better for Emacs if I could get one of the
FAQ answered by something like 'customise variable so-and-so to get your desired
behaviour' instead of 'include <listing 100> in your .emacs.d/functions.el and bind function
sensible-comment-lines to M-;'

I hope the discussion crystallises in some better future :-)

Best, /PA
PS: and as my signature translates ;-) "questions exist to be made, not to be answered"

El dom., 31 may. 2020 a las 23:54, Drew Adams (<drew.adams@oracle.com>) escribió:
> > You're fairly sure for whom?  For you?  Not for me.
> The only complaints against comment-dwim I have seen

I wasn't complaining about `comment-dwim'.
I was saying that it's not the be-all and
end-all.  I use it for end-of-line comments.
And I use something else for block commenting.

It doesn't matter to me if you use `M-;' for
everything.  If you're happy that way, great.

> were along the lines "I want to micromanage
> how comments are made",

I see.  If someone says your one-size-fits-all
dream command doesn't fit all then their idea
for doing something additional or different
just wastes your time.  Sorry to hear that.

> and not "this code-writing scenario becomes
> suboptimal".
> Are you still writing code? I'm surprised,

Surprise!  And irrelevant.

> > Tell me why Common Lisp behavior for block comments
> > (#|...|#) is missing?  I don't mean that those macro
> > chars are missing, but that the block-commenting
> > behavior (nesting, unnesting) is missing.
> You might want to elaborate.

I think I did.  Maybe you can show us how
`comment-dwim' provides the same behavior.

> It definitely can create nested comments (i.e. in
> the cases they are really needed, when you call it
> on a region containing both commented and
> non-commented lines).

A bit of a tautology.  I can leap over buildings
in a single bound, in the cases where that's
really needed, which is when the buildings are
at most 1-foot tall.

Anyway.  The point of this thread is the problem
with `comment-line' raised by the OP.  If you're
curious why `comment-line' was added, since we
already had `comment-dwim', see the thread I
pointed to, where `comment-line' was discussed
and added.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

"Fragen sind nicht da um beantwortet zu werden.
Fragen sind da, um gestellt zu werden" Georg Kreisler

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

"Fragen sind nicht da um beantwortet zu werden.
Fragen sind da, um gestellt zu werden" Georg Kreisler

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