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Re: Prefixed manual describe-function and api overview

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: Re: Prefixed manual describe-function and api overview
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 16:06:22 +0200

> > - In `prefixed-manual-overview`, I'd like to display the full
> > signature of functions. For example display "(substring-no-properties
> > STRING &optional FROM TO)" instead of "substring-no-properties". If
> > you know a simple way I'm interested. I tried to use something like
> > `(get 'substring-no-properties 'function-documentation)` or play with
> > `documentation-property` but couldn't find easily and gave up.
> I think you're looking for `help-function-arglist`, but of course that
> only works for those functions already loaded into Emacs.

Thanks. I was beginning to think about having to use
`describe-function`, extract the signature from it, then close the
buffer :-)

I'll incorporate your idea soon and try to make it look pretty, maybe
by generating org-mode blocks instead.


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