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Re: Support for multiple batteries

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Support for multiple batteries
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2020 00:02:41 -0400

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  > AFAICT only two battery status backends currently support multiple
  > sources of information: battery-linux-sysfs and battery-linux-proc-acpi,
  > for Linux sysfs and ACPI support, respectively.

Could you clear up for me what "currently" means in this context?  I
don't know what code was changed in January or so -- only that the
change led to incorrect reports, on a Thinkpad T400s with two
batteries inserted.

  > The way they handle multiple batteries is by merging multiple data into
  > a single report.

I am not sure what that means, concretely.

                      Is this what you mean by "proper" support,

Proper support means at least giving a good estimate for how long
before the machine runs out of energy, and a good estimate of the
actual fraction of maximum charge the batteries can hold.  The code
from last October could do that.

When I type M-x battery in the version as of October 2,
it displays something like

  Power BAT, battery Discharging (98.1% load, remaining time 4:04)

where the numbers depend on the energy capacity of each battery and
the current charge of each battery, as well as the actual current or

That is what I think is crucial for M-x battery.

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