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Prettifying Info node (variable pitch font)

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Prettifying Info node (variable pitch font)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 13:36:10 -0400

(I remember there was a discussion on adding some colors to the Info node but 
couldn’t find it, does anyone know the title for that thread?)

Here is my take on prettifying Info node. Apart from looks prettier, I think it 
makes Info node more legible.

1. I added variable pitch font to Info.
2. My prettification also takes advantage of word wrapping, so the Info node 
looks good in any buffer width.
3. Indent and everything work right.

To try it out, apply the patch and type M-: (Info-prettify-buffer) in an Info 
buffer. I haven’t added nobs for customization and the code could use some more 
comments. In the screenshots you can see the underling bleeds into the 
indentation, I used line-prefix and wrap-prefix for indentation, does anyone 
know how to fix this?


PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

Attachment: prettify-info.patch
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