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Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 01:07:24 +0300
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On 29.06.2020 18:07, Stephen Leake wrote:
I have a similar work pattern. My solution to remembering project info
is implemented in the 'wisi' GNU ELPA package; there is one active
project; (project-current) returns that project, unless a buffer has
overridden project-find-functions locally, which I do for elisp mode.

That sounds weird to me, but I hope it's working out okay.

There is a menu of known projects the user can choose from. In
addition, running 'compile' in a Makefile sets the project to the one
relevant to that makefile.

Global project switching. Why not.

I have not tried to integrate this with the new project menu in
project.el yet.

Let us know how it works out for you.

I fear it might be incompatible with having session-global projects (ones where it's impossible to guess based simply on directory), but I like to be proven wrong.

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