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Re: Do pretests reach end users?

From: Sean Whitton
Subject: Re: Do pretests reach end users?
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2020 09:55:00 -0700


On Sat 04 Jul 2020 at 04:31AM +03, Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:

> Just declare the next pretest version 27.1 instead — and youʼll see dozens of 
> various distros from unstable Debian to Termux (a distribution of terminal 
> applications for Android-like OSes) obediently picking it up.
> Current stable Debian will never pick it up, of course, so its users are safe 
> from any new bugs and features, and testing Debian — only after running it in 
> for a few weeks in unstable.

Debian would probably not pick it up unless we didn't realise it was a
pretest, because except for our 'experimental' repository, we don't
upload things we wouldn't be happy to end up in a stable release.

Sean Whitton

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