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Re: scratch/tzz/auth-source-reveal-mode 4a7c98d 3/3: Create and document

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: scratch/tzz/auth-source-reveal-mode 4a7c98d 3/3: Create and document auth-source-reveal-mode
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 20:49:05 +0000
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On Fri, 26 Jun 2020 14:39:01 +0000 Ted Zlatanov <tzz@lifelogs.com> wrote: 

TZ> On Fri, 26 Jun 2020 17:24:26 +0300 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> wrote: 

EZ> I don't mind when will the dependency on static compositions replaced
EZ> by more appropriate features, as long as we agree that it should be
EZ> replaced.  (OTOH, I don't see why we should rush towards merging.)

TZ> OK, terrific. That makes it much easier to manage for me.

TZ> Outside of the internal implementation concerns you have, is there
TZ> anything else needed? I assume it's too early to modify NEWS and the
TZ> manual.

EZ> Also, let's not call the library "prettify-text" or anything to that
EZ> effect, because that's not what it is supposed to do, it's supposed to
EZ> hide text by displaying something else in its stead.

TZ> I can s/prettify-text/something/g, sure. I tried to think of a short
TZ> expressive name... maybe text-coverup? Let me know what you think.

Hi Eli and anyone else interested!

I have pushed an update to my branch scratch/tzz/prettify-text-mode:

* rebase against master
* rename prettify-text everywhere to "text-coverup"
* squashed all the code down to 3 commits

I can move the code to a new file, but otherwise I think I've addressed
all the immediate concerns, and after merging this I will work on your
wider concerns about compositions and overlays. Can you advise if you
have any concerns?

Thank you for your help and time!

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