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Re: longtime user of emacs (was: "Why is emacs so square?")

From: Jeff Norden
Subject: Re: longtime user of emacs (was: "Why is emacs so square?")
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 22:58:01 -0500

> Do You think vanilla emacs has good defaults?  If your answer to the
> previous question is "No". What would You change on vanilla emacs
> defaults?

I agree with Po Lu that the defaults are reasonable and should certainly
not be changed lightly.  I'll go further and say that, since emacs is
designed at its core to be customizable and extensible, the "vanilla
defaults" are far less critical than they would otherwise be.  Everyone
has their own preferences.  But it's easy to change any that differ from
the defaults.  If I'm using a "vanilla" emacs, I usually change scroll-step
(or -conservatively), but this just takes a moment.  And, if I can't
recall the variable name, I just do M-x set-variable scroll- [TAB], and
there they are.

So, I probably wouldn't argue for having the keyboard-quit-strong that I
posted above become a replacement for keyboard-quit.  Instead, if folks
think it is a worthwhile idea, maybe a customizable variable could
control the default behavior of C-g.  Then it just becomes the
relatively minor question of what the default value should be for this


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